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Monday, March 29, 2010

models vs me

Yesterday was the Around the Bay Race (slogan: "older than Boston") in my town. It's the Sunday when I get up extra early to get to work, because although I live only 3K away, several intersections along the way simply ... close ... for the race.

Which is fine. I get that.

The Bay race inspires me. Last Sunday, I told myself, "OK, on Monday, you get up and run, you lazy, good-for-nothing, so-and-so." But it was raining. And I was tired. So I slept in instead.

Yesterday, I said, "Wow, Self, isn't it EXCITING that you can run tomorrow?" I even checked the weather channel to see what early morning would be like today. And I AM up. Thanks to a non-drowsy Claritin on Saturday (I have NO TOLERANCE for drugs) and Easter weekend coming up, I jerked myself awake 14,703 times last night, finally giving up and getting up at 6:15 this morning.

But I am NOT going outside. I'd rather stay inside and whine about my sore throat and runny nose and busy week.

Yesterday, we went out for lunch, and in came a group of runners, all proudly displaying their race paraphernalia, looking vibrant and alive. They had just finished the 30K. They looked like running-wear models, with their bouncing ponytails and fresh lipgloss and matching jackets.

Which brings me to the real purpose for this post. I need you to know something. In the event that I ever do manage to strap on my running shoes again, and even *gasp* do a race of some kind, you should know ... I can't go to a restaurant when it's over.

For at the end of a race, no matter how good I feel, no matter how great my time was, no matter how much I trained ... I do not look vibrant and alive. I am a sweaty, red-faced pile of gross that looks like she is about to drop dead, right there on the spot. I don't look like that DURING the race. I look like that AFTER the race.

And I stay looking like that for a solid hour or more.

Trust me, nobody wants to see that for Sunday lunch.


Brian_Clark said...

They probably all went home showered changed put on a face and showed up at the restaurant to look impressive.

Sheepdog said...

haha! I look like that, too! (the red-faced sweaty gonna drop dead look, not the vibrant and alive with fresh lipgloss - who wears lipgloss while running anyway?)

I don't know how you handle non-drowsy medicines. They make me have jimmy legs, and jimmy arms, and a jimmy brain. So instead I chose to sneeze a lot and repeatedly explain to people, "Don't worry, I'm not sick and contagious; It's just allergies".

Your mention of a sore throat makes me wonder if yours is a cold rather than allergies.

Anonymous said...

I was watching them crying! I MISS my runs.

Patti said...

Sinutab gave me jimmy everything when I tried it a few years ago. I was laying in bed in constant motion, and realized that might be a problem.

Claritin was better. But I only take it every other day. Can't handle it every day.

haha at the shower comment!

Anonymous said...

I don't miss having the runs at all! That's just weird.

Everybody has their own personal level of work out yuckiness.

Those people probably just ran around the block. Posers!