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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

studious gardener

Studying. Final exam is on Saturday morning.

But yesterday I did part of my studying outside, and I couldn't help but gaze longingly at my gardens where strawberries are spreading, rhubarb is returning, and chives are ... um ... what can chives do? I welcome your input.

At one point, text book in my left hand, I reached over with my right to "just move a few leaves," and then withdrew it immediately, realizing I would never stop of my own volition.

Contented myself with the promise that on Saturday afternoon, assuming Mother Nature cooperates, I can pull out all the stops and immerse myself once again in the land of dirt and allergies. The land where things just magically grow and change and bloom and live.

Until then ... don't distract me ... I'm studying.


Kelly said...

i have herbs coming up that were last year covered in morning glory. one is for sure parsley ... not sure what the other is. i need to google the pics of leaves.

i think i'm going to get some tomatos this year.

Patti said...

Cherry tomatoes? Big Boys? Early Girls? So many varieties from which to choose!

Janer said...

Chives sprout, I think. Love to chew on just one sprout sometimes.
I'm all vicariously into your wee plot of land. Beautiful...

Sheepdog said...

Chives spread, too!

I'm looking at mine. Won't tell you what's in the backyard. I was thinking about the long front grass and wondering how to cut it given my notorious lawnmower challenges.

It IS nice to sit outside, though, isn't it! Good luck on your exam! (not that you'll NEED good luck)

Kelly said...

i noticed small little clump of chives in a corner today after work.

the unidentified might be oregano i need to look closer

not sure on the tom's -- big for sure. i want some that will be good for making salsa or sauce should there be more than can be eaten on BLT's and salads.

apparently i have some research to do

Mary J said...

Patti-will be praying you do well on your exam! Strawberries, Rhubarb, YUM! What I can do with those! All kinds of things you can do with chives! Chive butter for your baked potatoes, Chives in your omelettes - make a garbage omelette, they're the best - everything's in it including potatoes!
Kelly - you want to use Roma tomatoes for salsa or sauce

Anonymous said...

Chives are very dependable and hearty. Enjoy!
I will also be praying for God's favour on your Saturday exam!

vjc said...

Chives spring - like little slow-mo fireworks, like spicy drinking straws, like porcupine bristles. Not flashing but very fun and dependable.