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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

off 2 ukraine. ttyl.

The house is a schmozzle of open suitcases, rejected socks, and scattered notes with emergency contact information.

Spike left this morning for a 2-week Blissed trip, during which he will be driving, and wailing (electric guitar-style), and setting things up, and tearing things down.

I leave tomorrow for a 2-week Ukraine trip, during which I will be speaking, and eating, and playing with kids, and visiting hospitals and orphanages. And eating. Ukraine is big on food. That makes me happy. Coffee isn't their top priority, but the borscht makes up for it.

For those that need to know, Spike's and my marriage is the kind where we each pack our own stuff. Apparently this is rare. For my part, I would never DARE to pack Spike's suitcase. And he wouldn't pack mine. Even when we're travelling together. Neither of us wants to take responsibility for forgetting the other's deodorant. Or underwear. Or bling. (The bling is Spike's. I don't have a lot in the way of bling. I've been told I'm a minimalist before, and apparently that's another area where that rings true.)

I'm pretty much ready. A few things left to do. Haircut this afternoon. I need a new watch battery. Should really re-stock the toilet paper at home. Mill doesn't care, but our house/cat sitter might not appreciate the lack. Especially if the lack isn't noticed until ... well ... you know.

So this may be it from me for a coupla weeks. Don't forget to check back, OK? If I can blog from Ukraine, I will. Otherwise ... ttyl!

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Ken said...

Looking forward to hearing about the trip from both you and Lynda. I'm especially hoping that you'll post to YouTube like you did during the church renovation.