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Sunday, November 14, 2010

coffee snobs

I recently realized that my drip coffee maker just isn't going to cut it anymore. Maybe it's that we've had it too long - it's like the stale flavours of over a decade have settled into it, seasoning every new cup of coffee. That seems gross. Also ... the coffee it makes is no longer hot enough for me.

I blame Ukraine. We didn't have drip coffee there. We had instant coffee, and frankly, it was the best quality instant coffee I've ever had. It was good. And it was HOT. My drip coffee maker isn't hot. It's almost hot. Again ... not good enough.

So when I got home, I bought a french press. (The cheapest one I could find, incidentally.) And I've been experimenting with it, learning what my preferences are. Each day it's a little better.

HOWEVER ... Spike's co-band members it turns out, are coffee snobs. They have a coffee kit that they carry with them everywhere they go. The kit includes a french press, a kettle, beans, and a grinder. And they have a very specific system for creating the perfect cup of coffee, whether it's right before a gig, or during a break from roofing.

Spike feels I should learn from them. Spike himself does not really drink coffee anymore. But he's been hanging over me as I french press my coffee ... "Stevie stirs it every 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Nathan grinds it coarser than that. Stevie would never do this in his pajamas." (OK, that last one is a bit of a stretch.)

Still. It's a teensy little bit annoying.

Last night, we were with said band members. I told them how they had invaded my morning coffee routine. I told them I was pretty sure I was capable of making a decent cup of coffee, but Spike was not so confident, and was giving me advice based on what he watched them do. They laughed.

And then they earnestly gave me further advice on making a perfect cup of coffee.



Bob said...

maybe the solution is to get regular shipments of Ukrainian instant coffee sent to you.

I do agree though - drip coffee is just not hot enough.

We have talked about going back to a old fashioned perc.

vjc said...

I'm not a coffee drinker either but my system for the perfect cup of coffee when company comes is "Starbucks is 2 miles that way."

Seems to work very well.

chRistine said...

I tried to make my drip hotter by using boiling water to make the coffee - it seems to make a better cup (not as hot as I like, but definitely nicer).

I would love to move to a french press, but I'm so pressed (haha) for time in the morning, I'm not sure I could commit to that level of coffee'ing. Is it much more time?

Patti said...

Well...here's the thing. With a drip coffee maker, I start it and walk away. May not meander back for 20 minutes or so, knowing it will be ready when I want it. With the french press, I put the kettle on, dump the coffee in the bottom of the french press and walk away. Then come back to pour the almost boiling water into the fp. Set the timer for 5 minutes and stir. Stir at 2:30. Stir when the timer stops, and "press" it. Then it's ready, and because it's not on a warming base, it's not going to stay hot forever. So it starts hotter, but doesn't stay hot as long.

So I don't know if it takes LONGER, but it takes a little more attention. I'm almost at the point now where I can do it without being fully awake. So that's encouraging. :)

Ken said...

At the other extreme, my drip coffee lasts me 2 days (3 cups a day), all but the first reheated in a microwave.

Sorry to have upset so many tummies :-)

Uncle Ken.

Patti said...

Oh ... my ... Uncle Ken ... that's just WRONG. I'm sorry. It's just ... it's so ... it's WRONG!!!