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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Turkish food

Mmmm ... last night was DELICIOUS.

A few of us were invited out to the home of some of our Turkish Muslim friends for dinner. No one ever told me this would be a perk of being a Christian pastor, but oh my, what a perk it is.

There were homemade pastry layered things with spinach and feta cheese. There were grape leaves stuffed with the yummiest ever garlic-and-lemon flavoured something. There were little cups made of seasoned ground meat, filled with mashed potatoes and topped with melted cheese. And of course, there was baklava for dessert, with tea, followed by Turkish coffee and chocolates.

We discussed favourite Seinfeld episodes, where to get the best coffee in the city, and why each church service is so different when prayer at the mosque is the same everywhere. And we laughed a lot.

A most lovely evening.


janer said...

Lovely indeed!

Anonymous said...

Next time, take me!!! - Carey