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Sunday, November 07, 2010

speaking in Ukraine / Говоря в Украине

I really want to tell you about the whole trip.

But it's a little tricky, because basically my time was spent ... speaking. Which is not very interesting to all of you!

Others on my team volunteered in a baby hospital ... orphanages ... rehab centers ... institutions for the disabled ....

When I've gone on other trips, in other years, I've helped repair buildings, I've held babies, I've worked gardens, I've played with orphans, I've painted and wallpapered, I've cleaned.

But this year ... well, we left on Wednesday afternoon, got to our destination Thursday evening (thoroughly jet-lagged), where my co-pastor and I were informed that the Bible College was hoping we would speak there Friday morning ... for four hours. So we taught a class on Friday, spoke at a gathering of homeless people Saturday morning, spoke at villages Saturday afternoon, spoke in local churches Sunday morning, spoke again at the Bible College Monday morning and Monday evening, spoke at the pastors conference Tuesday and Wednesday, participated in a pastors meeting on Thursday, spoke again to the homeless people on Friday morning, and then spoke at 2 more villages each on Friday afternoon, and then on Saturday ... we stopped speaking. Left Krivoy Rog Saturday night.

So I'm posting pictures, but frankly, most of them are of other people. You don't really want to see a bunch of pictures of me ... talking.

Although I'll give you one. I just want you to see me - in my high heels, no less - being towered over by a 6'4" translator named Vova whom I met minutes before going onto the platform. It's hard to look like you're the one who's actually speaking on the platform, when you have a giant standing beside you.

Vova was awesome. As were Anya and both Julias. All of whom translated for me, and hopefully made me sound better than I was.

Anyway. So I spoke in Ukraine. And can I tell you a secret?

I loved it!
PS I also blew up balloons.

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Janer said...

Wow! That's a lot of speaking!
Are you hoarse?
And I think it would be hard for anyone to make you sound better than you already do, but I'm biased probably.