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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


We've had a lot of pie here lately. I'm not sure why. It's a phase or something.

So the other evening we went for dinner - me, Spike & our friend Kelso. Stopped at the grocery store to get pie on the way home.

And saw ... this ...

I thought it sounded gross. They thought otherwise. In fact, don't tell them I said this, but they started drooling, right there in the grocery store. There was delighted speculation that maybe there'd even be a pancake in the middle of this pastry.

Eewww. Spike made me try a bite, sure that I would change my mind. Louie tried some too.

He took one sniff and refused to even open his mouth.

Maple. Syrup. Pie.

It's just wrong.


Anonymous said...

Yep. Wrong. Ee-yuk!

And pancake-in-middle concept? Even wrong-er.

Mrs.Szabo said...

I'm gonna have to be with you on that...not EVERYTHING belongs in a PIE!!!! Like, how did fruit end up in cake?? It's a weird world we live in. a weird world.

chRistine said...

I think you're wrong. I think it sounds amazing (minus the pancake, of course).

Anonymous said...

I love pie. No question about that. But I don't love every pie ever created. I have my preferences and favourites. Maple syrup pie is not one of them.

Diane H. said...

I used to talk crazy like that, until I married a French Canadian. Now I'm the one insisting that we buy sugar pie, sugar cream pie, and the fabulous maple syrup pie anytime we go visit his family. It may be an acquired taste, but once acquired - YUM!!!