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Friday, April 22, 2011



There's a whole variety of you guys here. Most of you lurk, a few of you comment on the side or on Facebook, and a few of you comment here. Some of you are local to me ... some are in France ... or Ukraine ... or Australia ... and a whole bunch in the US too. Some of you are churchies. And some aren't.

This is for the non-churchies. Because all you churchies will be doing your own thing in your own church on Easter Sunday, which is cool.

Feeling a little self-conscious here. But here's the thing. I can't tell you how frequently I get told, "I've never been at a church like this ... Never met a pastor like you guys ...." I think it's because we like to laugh, I'm not sure. I've been here at this church for over 11 years ... it feels normal to me. But I get told a lot that it's not. In a good way.

So ... if you're a non-churchie ... and you want to lurk behind the scenes in your jammies and never tell anyone you were here ... you can do that on Easter Sunday. You can do it on any Sunday, actually, but this Sunday morning, we're doing our fun, non-professional, bunch-of-media version of Anderson Caperneus 360. And guess who Anderson's co-anchor is?

Yep. You got it.

You can watch it live, starting at 10:34 AM. Or you can watch it later. Either way, click here and follow the clicks to our UStream channel.  It says it starts at 11, but just ignore that - it starts at 10:34. The whole thing will be done before noon, but it will still be online, for later viewing.

Whether you're here, there, or somewhere else ... Happy Easter to you. In my world ... Christ has risen!


Kelly said...

wish i could be there live ... will watch it later for sure! :)

Anonymous said...


Your no-move-ticker-tape line has changed: "another course - done"

Good for U!!!

Another lined up?

Anonymous said...

Christ continues to rise.