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Thursday, April 07, 2011


If you're in Canada, you know there's a federal election coming up. Well, maybe you do. It's certainly possible that you don't.

We don't do elections at quite the same level of intensity as our neighbours to the south. Lately, we vote in a minority government. We let them go for a time. Then someone gasps with indignation, and someone else calmly refuses to budge, and PRESTO - we have an election a month or two later. Then we start again.

One debate only. Unless Rick Mercer has his way. And I'm pretty sure Rick Mercer gets his way most of the time.

I was just scanning through Facebook friends and the various blogs I read. I'm kind of pleased at the wide variety of discussions which all say the same thing ... "Any self-respecting Canadian with a half a brain will vote for _______. After all, _______ is a complete idiot, and the entire country is doomed if _______ becomes Prime Minister."

The reason I'm pleased is that these blanks are filled with different names, depending on the friend.  And that means ... I have quite the diverse group of friends!  I have friends that are "obviously" voting for the "only real choice" which is ... well ... Layton, Harper or Ignatieff, depending on who the friend is.  (Greens don't make statements like this.  Greens stay below the radar.  We dislike the ugliness.)

Did I just say "we" in reference to Greens?


Anyway, the one official debate is April 12, which I will, of course, blog.

And if Rick Mercer hosts a one-on-one debate, I'm hoping to catch that too.

Meanwhile, let's all hope that Canada ends up with the only reasonable choice for Prime Minister.  Not one of those other guys.


chRistine said...

unfortunately for the Greens, they only make the news when they are denied access to a debate OR someone comments on their green initiatives. I doubt most people know how fiscally conservative they are.

I don't think I know WHO to vote for yet, I only know who not to. I don't want my vote to be against someone, I want it to be FOR someone.. :(

Patti said...

Truthfully, I don't know yet who I'm voting for either. And since I'm at a conference on election day, I have to vote ahead. Bummer. It often gets interesting right near the end.

D_Morrison said...

My facebook page gives away my polotical preference somewhere even with out the random comment thrown in here and there. In the end I suppose I'll just be happy if more canadians get out there and vote rather than let a small percent of the population make all the choices. Also, I'd be much happier with out that wasted 19% or more of the vote that goes to Bloq and Greens...opps did I say that aloud?

Kelly said...


one of my fav Rick Mercer rants from recent days ... so VERY true!

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for the Leafs. Maybe they'll do better in politics since they suck at hockey! No, I'm not bitter just realistic.