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Friday, April 08, 2011

the contestants

As mentioned - Canada votes on May 2. Except me. I'm at a conference. I vote before May 2. (I need to find out when that actually happens...hmmm....)

Anyway, for your information, I list for you each party's website and my first random impressions, based on a 10-second scan of that website.  Listed in backwards alphabetical order.  I am NOT reviewing the Bloc Quebecois.  Because I'm not.

New Democrats
First thing I saw - Jack Layton is BIGGER. I think the point was that there's an NDP app for the ipad which of course is bigger than the iphone, and so there's a change in size. But it made me giggle. Also, I saw a headline about cheating Senators and immediately thought hockey. What has happened to me, that I think hockey before government when I see "Senators"? Wow. That was a personal surprise. This website has a lot of orange and a place to find your candidate.

Red. Ignatieff is skinnier than I thought. Instantly saw the "read our platform" headline and it made me happy.  I wanted to click, but 10 seconds isn't enough time. But I will definitely go back and click it. Lot of Harper-hating. Of course.  Hmmm, what are the odds that I'll see Ignatieff-hating on the Conservatives' page?

Simple. Clean. Inviting. Wow, apparently I like the colour green, and I like the use of the phrase "turn over a new leaf". Get it? Greens are environmental - "leaf" - oh come on, you get it, right? I noticed a headline at the bottom that said something sinister like, "What the networks don't want Canadians to know." I kinda want to read that, only because it sounds like the beginning of a conspiracy-theory movie.

Blue, with a lot of Canadian red. Glossy. A picture at the bottom of Ignatieff, which certainly will not be friendly, but I didn't look closely. Something about lacing shoes for a skater. I see photo opps, lots of video and pics. And not just Ignatieff-hating. Layton and Duceppe are in there too.

So there you are, and here's a radical notion - maybe click on any of the above links and take a look yourself at the platforms and policies. I know, crazy right? Does anyone DO that?

*small voice* I do. Sometimes.

Also, and this is important, you can make money off our federal election. What would YOU do with $160? Oooohhhhh, the possibilities!!!!

See you on debate night. For a preview of my debate-reviewing-style (as well as a good laugh), click here. It is definitely more entertaining than any of the other click-ables in this post.

PS Feel free to express your political opinions in the comments, but if you get super ranty or obnoxious I might mock you a little bit. Or delete you. Because I can.


Diane H. said...

Woah there Nelly. Taking the whole "democracy doesn't work without an educated population" thing a bit far don't you think? Actually doing some research before voting is pretty radical. Surely you have some kind of gut instinct you can use instead? Or maybe a friend you can ask?

Kelly said...

ADVANCED POLLS ... you can vote on Easter Weekend.

April 22 - Good Friday - although one dude said it's blasphemous -->

April 23 - Saturday
April 25 - Monday

Can I vote for none of the above? :)

Patti said...

@Diane H - you're right. I don't know what I was thinking. ;)

@Kelly - Great. Because I have lots of free time on Easter weekend. (!) "Blasphemy" is a bit strong of a reaction for me, but it does seem a little lacking in taste. Even from a political standpoint - why would you tick people off over something like that, right before an election? Any holiday - no one wants to vote on a holiday, religious or not. Not to mention the extra cost from opening schools, etc., on a holiday. Not the smartest move. Shoulda thot of that when setting the election day.

**sigh** that being said ... Good Friday might be my LEAST busy day on that weekend ... changing my response to ... how about not having advance polls on Easter weekend at all?

D_Morrison said...

Here is politica-Daniel in a nutshell

-I don't want an election...
-but I also don't want a conservative government.

- The bloc and green party's are a waste of good voters votes.

- I wish more young canadians turned out to vote.

- You can't complain if you don't vote.

- Attack adds bother me, people need to look at the platform's more.

- local candidates need to get out there more

- I vote NDP

- I wish more conservative christians understood that they don't HAVE to vote for the Conservative party JUST because they are christian....

Anonymous said...

The Conservatives r Christian? I didn't know that. I'm still voting for the Leafs.
Hmm, I wonder if the Leafs have a green platform and policies. I figure yes because they r always one of the first teams to welcome spring and get outside and start their golf season.

D_Morrison said...

I think I wrote that wrong. The conservative party does not claim to be Christian...BUT Christian's sometime tend to think for some reason that they must vote conservative BECAHSE being christian means voting conservative.

Patti said...

Spike likes the Leaf vote :)

Patti said...

Frustrated. How is it that I thought the debate was on a Monday, and the election was on a Tuesday (of a different week)? I'm wrong. Election will be on a Monday, when I'm home, so I don't have to vote in advance. But debate is tomorrow, not today, and tomorrow - I cannot watch it. :(