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Friday, April 15, 2011

trucker Spike

Spike got home last night from his first Trucker Road Trip.

He phoned at suppertime to say he was on his way, and Louie was pretty excited.

After all, Spike's been gone since Monday, and Louie can't text like I can.

So he grabbed a welcome-home gift and hustled out to wait on the step for his arrival.

(I don't want to be petty, but for the record - those are MY chocolates, straight from Ukraine. They aren't really Louie's to give. Still. He's been a lonely lamb this week.)


Anonymous said...

Ah- Trucker Spike - a man after my own heart. Trucking was the best job I ever had! The kids were AWESOME when I was a teacher - but trucking must be in your blood. I'm sure Louie missed him but he will be extra glad to see him when he gets home. As long as Louie remembers to pray for him (I wouldn't have wanted to be on the road without THAT!!, I'm sure he'll get used to the idea. 'Twas SO nice of Louie to share YOUR chocolates! Be blessed!

Anonymous said...

Горілка хороша з шоколадом. І без шоколаду.

Patti said...

Сміючись. Хто говорить українська для мене? Спасибі за інформацію!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow a talking sheep!

Anonymous said...

Whoever our Russian friend is - Privyet!


Guinwalla said...

AHAHA!!!!!!!! That's our Louie--so kind! I really miss him...but tell 'Spike' (UJ!) 'CONGRATS' and I wanna see him sometime soon and talk to him about it! ;)