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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

in a fog

Long days ... short nights ... yep, that about sums up this particular week.

Not that I'm complaining. Life is good. Work is good. School is good. But I'm sitting in a classroom which is a bit on the warm side, and which will only get warmer as more students file in for our 3-hour class. And I'm sleepy.

Sooooooo sleepy.

My strategy?

Ate a tuna wrap on the way here - protein.

Working on a large coffee - caffeine.

Got a tiger brownie shoved in my bag for break - sugar.

And got here early enough to get a wall seat, meaning I am not entirely dependent on my own body strength to keep me upright.

Nothing can go wrong.


Zzzzzzzz ....


Derbecker said...

Tiger Brownie?

Patti said...

my favourite dessert from Williams Coffee Pub. Hard to describe ... lovely to eat. :)

Patti said...

oh no ... watching film in class ... lights out ... more sugar! more caffeine! zzzzzzzzzzzz

Karen said...

I like your thinking Patti.....seems you have the basic food groups covered, and everything you need to stay vertical in class!!!!

Bob said...

Do you keep an eye on those folks who show up early for church with a large coffee & seek out a wall seat ??

Patti said...

Nah, long as they don't snore. :)