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Friday, May 20, 2011

judgment day


May 21 is not judgment day. Here's why. In the Bible - which is apparently the basis for this May 21 deadline - Jesus said no one will know when it's going to happen. So just by default, anyone who claims that they DO know, DOESN'T.

I suspect that even if May 21 had been the plan, God has now changed it, just because Sincerely-Off-Dude has announced it. (... "she said facetiously" ...)

So, I've been chuckling at the same jokes you have, and rolling my eyes at this whole thing. But here's what bothers me. There are a whole lot of people that believe this - wholeheartedly. They are going to be really messed up when it doesn't happen. They will struggle to find a place for their faith to land. It will deeply affect their sense of identity, their relationships, their purpose for living, their sense of God.

And that is tragic.

Of course, the next step will be to lump in ALL followers of Jesus with this little group, and then there will be all kinds of delightfully misinformed and vitriolic ranting about people like me who take advantage and mislead and mess up peoples' lives, all in the name of spiritual guidance.

Because apparently, that's what I, and others like me, are in it for. To mess up people's lives.


Oh well. 

This concludes Patti's Pity Party.

See ya on the 22nd - it's gonna be a great day!


Larry said...

yeah Patti, another thing I found interesting is that in caiming May 21 to be the date of the 'Rapture', etc, etc, etc, he completely ignored the end times part about the Antichrist, his 3 1/2 rule and the mark of the beast...especially when he says the end of the world comes 5 MONTHS after tomorrow....lol

Bob said...

We saw a great sign in front of a church on Friday:
"We'll still be here Sunday Morning"

Patti said...

Love it.


Patti said...

Almost 8 PM. Still here.

In case you were wondering.

Sheepdog said...

Isn't that the craziest thing...