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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

spike's commercial

I know I said I'd be back on Monday. I know it's Wednesday. What can I tell you?

I knew January to April was gonna be crazy. And it was.

  • new course, with readings and assignments - check
  • Annual Business meeting - check
  • final exam - check
  • Easter - check
  • speaking at another church's weekend retreat - check
  • District Conference - check but I left early
Aaahhhh. Now I can relax.

Except I just started another new course, and Dude With Whom I Co-Pastor went on vacation. Good thing someone around here takes a little responsibility. Sheesh.


Anyway, at Easter, we did a thing at our church ... and if you were there (or watched it online) you know it was fun ... and you also know that Spike, the love of my life, starred in his very own commercial.

It's funny.

You will like it.

You should watch it.

Yup. That's my man. How adorable is he??


I love him.

(with thanks to Josh for posting it on YouTube so I could embed it, since I forgot ... and could NOT figure out how to reset ... my YouTube password)


Janer said...

Yes, I Laughed Out Loud. Freely.
Nice production values too. Particularly "lame show you want to see" and of course, I'm on a camel.
Going to watch it again.

ChubbyNINJA said...

i dont think i like how Old Spike smells

Bob said...

Old Spike - very well done !!

Too bad "the dude with whom you co-pastor" had to go on vacation the week of the district conference - I know he hates to miss them:)

Patti said...

oh yeah, he's bummed... lol