"All words are symbols that represent unspeakable realities. Which is also why words are magical." (Donald Miller tweet)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

stick with me

I will be back. I promise.

I have a Spike video that you must - YOU MUST - see.  But I can't find my YouTube password, and it's complicated to upload, otherwise.

I am picking up ... something ... tomorrow morning. But then I leave it at home, for reasons far too long to explain at this moment, and head off to Other Lands to speak at a retreat. J-Blue's coming with me, oh yes she is!!!

pause to giggle with excitement

And then of course, there's the wind of today. That was interesting. My downspout went on an adventure of its own. Of course, my roof is intact, so I'm not complaining.

So it's not that I have nothing to say. It's just that I have no time to say it right now. Wait for me, OK? I'll be back Monday.

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