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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

vacation moments

I've been on vacation.

As you are by now aware, we hung out with the Punk, J-Blu and the Bean for a weekend. Tremendous fun. Moment of Note: When the Bean - who ate less than any of us at the Mandarin - solemnly looked down at his full belly and declared, "I did NOT come in with this."

We went shopping. Cross-border shopping. I know, it's evil. And for the record - I've never done it before. But I'm probably going to do it again. I don't LIKE shopping, but somewhat cheaper prices, a wider selection and an overnight in another town with Spike - yeah, I'm definitely doing that again.

We went to dinner with friends, also a just-the-two-of-them family, like us. Moment of Note: When the waiter asked him (of the just-the-two) how he could afford his electronic gadgetry habit, she (of the just-the-two) instantly responded, "We don't have kids." The waiter's eyebrows shot up - "That's the best answer I've ever heard," he said. Then he wistfully explained that his Italian mama probably wouldn't go for that idea.

We went to Gravenhurst to visit Spike's sister and her man, and there ... we went to see their show (which was quite fun) ... and we read books (I'll have to update that list on the right now) ... and we slept ... and ate smoked trout and blueberry pancakes. Although not at the same time. That would be gross. Oh, and we ALSO were taken here to enjoy a dinner that certainly was created in heaven, using a beautiful little restaurant in Orillia as a front. (pause to drool at the memory of exquisitely-prepared Rosemary Lamb Shank ... mmmmm ... )

Spike had to go back to work a few days before me, so I dropped him there early Monday morning, and thought ... "Hmmm ... I think I'll do some canning."

Who does that on a whim??!! Apparently I do.

Two and a half days. No TV, radio, or internet in the background. No one called or texted. Just the sound of me canning tomatoes, tomato butter, peaches, plum preserves and hot peppers; I also froze blackberry jam from my very own bush in my very own garden. And at the end - rows of shiny jars, a task fully completed. That's better than therapy, baby!

Moment of Note: discovering that the the medicated ointment I bought at a cleaning party several years ago, really DOES work miracles when one splashes a litre or so of boiling water on one's upper half.

Another Moment of Note: discovering that an underpad, tablecloth and thick bath towel are not enough to stop full jars, just removed from a boiling water bath, from wrecking your table.


I wrecked the table.

And then I went back to work.


Janer said...

I am jealous of your canning feat. And I'll admit, in that fever pitched push to get it all done, I would probably have wrecked my table too.
And you and I both cherish the memory of good meals, and that was a good'un! Happy back to work!

Anonymous said...

Quite the variety on your vacation - nice!

Canning in no way appeals to me; it's just 'way too much work, and heat, and peeling mess, and burned hands, and clean-up and... But sincere congrats on your canned harvest.

Very, very sorry about your table.

Aa-aann-nnnd - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Bob said...

Good to have you back - I was starting to think you had left blogging behind for twitter or something :)

Happy birthday

Patti said...

Thanks Bob. I thought about not blogging anymore ... but then, I thought of something to say, and here I am. :)