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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

wild things

I think it's a real shame that Blockbuster has gone out of business. I say that, knowing that they definitely couldn't have stayed in business based on me. I haven't been much of a movie-watcher. Especially rentals. I hate renting movies. Too much pressure to pick the right movie for just that moment. And then you have to return it on time.

Not my strength.

But recently, I discovered the joy of BUYING previously-rented movies. So I could buy several, really cheap, stick them on the shelf for just the right moment, and never have to return them. (Plus, I went downstairs awhile ago, and remembered we had this. Oh! This is why Spike likes it down here!)

See? I did not help Blockbuster stay in business. Sorry about that. But ... since they are going out of business ... they're selling off their stock ... soooo cheaply ... and  ... um ... yeah. I went. I bought.


Every now and then I discover a movie that I love. It's never, ever a movie that anyone else loves. But I loved "Signs". I thought it was profound, with every single moment in the movie coming together when it matters most. And a deeply moving sub-story that no one else seemed to notice.

And I loved "Big Fish". Most people I talk to have never heard of it. But it's imaginative and unique and loving. It appeals to the storyteller in me.

And now I have a third. I bought it at Blockbuster the other day. Someone told me it didn't get good reviews. On Monday, I pulled it off the shelf and sat down in my jammies to watch it, all by myself.

Where the Wild Things Are.

Beautiful. Passionate. Random. Childlike. Heartfelt. And Real.


Berryvox said...

I don't feel sorry for Blockbuster. They're the ones who drove down prices until they drove all the mom-and-pop video stores out of business. Then, they raised the prices back up when they had virtually no competition. And, now, Netflix has done the exact same thing to them. At least Netflix has some competition from Redbox.

Patti said...

I haven't really been following the Netflix thing. I signed up for 1 free movie last spring, because I had an assignment I had to do ... then I cancelled my subscription. :)

But what's FUNNY is that while you were leavng your comment here, I was reading another blog, which in turn led me to another article, about that very thing. It's by the former CEO of Netflix.


This interweb thing is a small world sometimes. ;)

Oh, and we have a mom-and-pop convenience store that rents videos. Except - I've tried 3 times to rent - unsuccessfully. They couldn't find the movie ... or the computer that needed to work didn't work, so even though they had a movie, and I had money, they couldn't let me rent it.

See, this is why I gave up on renting movies all together!

Janer said...

LOVE Big Fish!! Great celebration of storytelling and the storytellers who tell 'em. Will now have to see Wild Things. I pay too much attention to reviews sometimes...

D_Morrison said...

I can't remember the last time I rented a movie!

I can remember the last time Kim rented one!

It was for the kids...its always for the kids.

So many faries...so many princesses....pink and purple...and yellow. Soo many songs and talking animals! Why do they always talk!


Patti said...

hey d ... boo! LOL