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Saturday, November 27, 2010

the weekend

It's the weekend.

Last night, Spike and I dressed up and went to the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards with a bunch of friends. Not a bad show at all and a great excuse to go out on a Friday night.

J-Blu, my favourite niece of all time, might stay over tonight. It might involve setting up our Christmas tree. It also might involve watching a movie on Spike's 5-day-old birthday / Christmas present.

Oh ... did I not mention Spike's present?

His birthday was last weekend, but he was in Indiana with Blissed. I had an idea, but it was an idea I couldn't possibly make happen all by myself. Plus, I'm bad at gifts. Really, really not good. All you people who have your Christmas shopping done, and who actually have "I saw this and thought of you" experiences ... bully for you. That doesn't happen for me.

But we have friends. Good friends. Friends that help. Hooray for friends!

And so ... when Spike got home from Indiana on Monday ... he went downstairs to a fully-installed and furnished media room, complete with flat-screen TV and surround sound. He was so shocked, it took him at least 25 minutes to even turn it on. We watched The Matrix and Lord of the Rings in there this week. Perhaps you heard the rumbling emitting from our house?

Husbands ... nieces ... friends ... it's all good, baby!


Guinwalla said...

Haha, that's awesome! And what's even more awesome, is that I AM coming, not MIGHT!!! Here we come, tree or movie! Either way, here we come!!!

Patti said...

Maybe both! :)

Anonymous said...



Patti said...

I only have one niece too :)

"Husband ... niece ... friends ..."

Just didn't have the right ring to it at the time, haha!

Bob said...

Spike has a "man-cave"

I'm impressed

Patti said...

He does.

And last night ... when he was working ... I watched TV on the 14-year-old little TV upstairs.

It's warmer upstairs, and there's only one remote (which is wrapped in hockey tape). But at least I know how to work it without thinking! haha