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Monday, September 26, 2011

sports blog, pass it on

Allow me to introduce you to ...

... the YOUNGEST blogger I know.

He's new. He's smart. And he's the product of a crazed Habs fan mom (who also happened to be my college rommate) and a rabid Leafs fan dad (with the same level of Leafs passion as my college boyfriend, AKA Spike). They've mellowed over the years, but I remember when they watched hockey games on separate levels of the house. Now they watch together, but with a pillow between them on the couch, and a no-heckling rule.

He - sportskid2000, that is - eats sports stats for breakfast. He lives, breathes and sleeps all things sports. His plan is to be "like those TSN guys," so he's getting ready now.

I want to comment on his blog. But I can't. I don't know sports. I'd make an idiot of myself. (Of course, that's never stopped me before....)

But you can comment! Or a sports fan you know can comment! I assure you - I've seen sportskid2000 in action - he can hold his own in any sports debate, even while playing a video game at the same time. Spike is always impressed.

So ... do me a favour ... drop in on "I Live Sports - a kid's eye view" from time to time. It's in my blog list, on the right, whenever you want to check it out.

And to sportskid2000 ... welcome to the blogosphere!

1 comment:

Jack said...

I think he'll most likely be one of those guys I watch before the game, interesting how he took all that time to do those predictions, for fun!