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Monday, February 20, 2012

dr. joy

We're a one-car family. People suggest sometimes we need a second car, but we've done that. Payments are irritating. Plus we'd miss the uninterrupted 40-minute chat at the beginning and end of the week when I take Spike to work and bring him home again. Forty minutes each way, that is.

There's one small catch. It's a sleep-in day if I take him to work at 4 AM. It's more likely 2 or 3 AM. So I'm a little bleary-eyed on the way home. And in case you didn't know ... it's difficult to find good radio at 3:30 AM. My usual station only has comedy clips, with high-end laugh tracks that drown out the punch line and literally hurt my ears after awhile. Other stations are talking about aliens. I can't tolerate that. So the other non-day, I found a station which had ... Dr. Joy Brown.

I like her in the middle of the night. She's calm. Reasonable. Sometimes a bit surface-y; she doesn't go deep. But still ... reasonable. She refuses to give in to a crisis, unless it's absolutely necessary.

So a lady called in ... let's call her ... Sharon. Here's the story, with my interpretations thrown in for your entertainment. Sharon is a lovely lady, super-polite. Sharon is just a teeny bit (a lot) wondering (offended) about a family situation which is no big deal (she's a martyr, really), and she just wonders what Dr. Joy thinks about it (Dr. Joy will gasp and agree with her, конечно).

Although they have had a family tradition whereby Sharon hosts and prepares all family dinners, there has been a shift (unacceptable change). Father-in-law wants to host but can't cook. So sisters-in-law are cooking and preparing, and hosting at their dad's place. But they live hours away, whereas Sharon lives in the same town as father-in-law. And she doesn't want to make a big deal (even though it is), it's just that she can't understand why they would do it this way (not her way) when it would be no trouble for her to do it (she does it better) and it clearly stresses them (they do it wrong). She wonders if (is certain that) there is an undercurrent of ... something ... (evil scheming) going on.

*grin* (that's me, in the car, in the dark)

Dr. Joy suggested that maybe they just want to give her a break, maybe daughters want to help their father, maybe they enjoy taking their turn, maybe it's not about offending her at all. Sharon says thoughtfully, "That's what my husband said ..." (a little surprised Dr. Joy would side with him)

Sharon suggests that maybe she should offer her kitchen for use (because it would be the right kitchen), by the two sisters-in-law. Dr. Joy says sure, great idea, but if they decline, you have to be OK with that.

"Ooooh...." (she's not OK with that)

The conversation carries on, until finally Sharon makes one more suggestion (politely desperate plea) of how she can help (push) her family to see the light (her way). And Dr. Joy mildly says, "Now, Sharon ... let's not be a little control freak."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! (that's me again)

And Sharon responds sheepishly, "That's what my husband said...." (he is sitting to the side, reading a newspaper, politely pretending not to listen.)


I giggled, pulled in my driveway, and went back to bed. Good to know someone is taking care of the world while the rest of us are sleeping.


proudmom said...

Mainly glad you found someone to keep you awake. :)

Janer said...

Love your interpretations!

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