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Monday, October 05, 2009

no radio today

We all have our routines.

My morning routine is to make coffee, feed the cat (who believes he is starving to death at THAT EXACT MOMENT, despite the fact that his bowl is still half-full from the day before) and then ... if Spike has already left for work ... I turn on the computer to listen to the station I like, on-line.

Why don't I use a radio? Because my radio is 593 years old, and sounds like a tin can.

What's the station I like these days? Well, I can't show you because they hyped up a new line-up, new theme, new everything, starting today - and it doesn't work. Weblink is "broken".


I was feeling tentative about it anyway, because the morning guy I like is all about the outrage and the rants, and even when I don't agree with him, it makes me laugh. How can anyone be so opinionated that early in the morning?

The new morning guy used to be the afternoon guy, and in the afternoons he's all reasonable and intelligent and witty - which I'm not sure I can handle in the morning. I have to be smart all day long. I need an intelligence-optional show in the morning.

So here I am, on my day off, knowing I should be getting some things done. But my routine is broken.

I may still be in pj's at dinnertime.


janer said...

Some days should be clothing-optional so don't think of this as a lost day.
You've earned a whole day in pjs.

Patti said...

janer - my favourite sis-in-law - you're right. I HAVE earned it.

(ps can you mention that to spike tonight when he politely asks what the heck i did all day today?)

Sue H said...

When spike asked what you did all day just say that you tried to get the station on the comp, couldn't so went back to bed, since the whole day was ruined by not being able to listen to your favorite station. lol. Or you could say that you did the laundry and didn't want to dirty any other clothes so just stayed in your pj's all day.

Besides that I am sure you deserve one day of nothing but pj's all day.

Luanne said...

"Because my radio is 593 years old and sounds like a tin can". LOL!!

"Crusty, table for one...:)

Anonymous said...

"Yesterday was 16 hours.

And Monday is my day off.


(your answer to Spike's query)

chRistine said...

okay, it's not john in the morning i have an issue with - it's the LACK of chris. i LUFFED chris, and his newscasts. i miss him. the new music and the high brow stuff so early? meh.

the other john on the way home is okay, too. in fact, i rather like john tory as a radio host.

but bring back chris. whah!

Patti said...

Yeah, I liked Chris too. And I'm OK with John Tory. I haven't heard John Moore in the morning yet.

But I did listen to Bill in his new slot - once they got the link working - and discovered that they aren't really encouraging phone-ins anymore. Just 25 cent texts. And it turns out ... I like Bill's outrage better when it's balanced by other people's phone calls. Now it's just a 4-hour rant, which is a bit much.

Patti said...

p.s. Luanne - that DID sound crusty, didn't it?? LOL