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Monday, March 05, 2012

just kindness

I wrote this on Facebook this morning ...

"Idea of the day: let's be kind to each other. Even if."

Here's what I was thinking.

Let's be kind ... even if the other person is wrong. Or if they're right, and I'm wrong. That moment of realizing I'm the doofus doesn't always bring out my best side.

Let's try simply pure kindness. Not the kindness dragging baggage behind it of, "but here's where you're wrong" or "and now I need this from you". I suspect that if I have to point out the tiny kindness hidden in the mound of baggage ... it's not really kind at all.

Maybe we could be kind to those without power. Or even more ... those with tons of power. That's an interesting thought.

I got to pass on anonymous kindness this weekend from somebody to somebody. One of the rare times I like being in the middle of other people's stuff. That was cool.

Silent kindness might be an idea. Somebody jokingly commented on my FB status, asking if this meant they had to talk to people. But I bet I could be kind without talking at all. Hmmm.

We could just try it for a day. Maybe even one day a week. And then the rest of the time (for the pragmatists who are rolling their eyes right now at my naivete) we can live in the real world, OK?


vjc said...

I like how subversive this feels :). I suppose the concept of "kill with kindness" doesn't quite fit though?

Off to see who I can find to be kind to. Don't tell them I'm coming.

Mover Singapore said...

i am just going to bookmark this post and looking forward with this post. beautiful post..!!