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Friday, April 27, 2012

vacay in pics

I've been on vacation this week. I thought I'd give you a photo version of some of my activities.

I wrote an exam, as you know. Then I signed up for a double-length summer course. Then I found the double-length fall course that I will need to sign up for in June sometime. Then I paused to consider how little or how much I value my sanity. Then I dropped the summer course. Turns out it wasn't going to count towards the degree anyway. The person who explained this to me suggested that it still might be valuable for its impartation of knowledge. ... So yeah, I dropped the course.

Instead, I can focus again on learning to speak Russian. My teacher is getting a little impatient with me, although she's too polite to say so.

I opened this lovely jar of joy that was given to me for Christmas. It is exceptionally yummy on toast, FYI. Also on spoons and fingers.

There was some napping. Even some sleeping in!

And some reading for pleasure. Reading! for PLEASURE!

Also saw some community theatre. Talked to a couple of friends in Ukraine. Chased a guy off my porch who claimed to be from Horizon Utilities (he wasn't) and wanted me to show him my hydro bill (I didn't). Successfully used the "my husband is NOT going to be happy" card in a polite standoff with a mechanic. Went to the chiropractor.

And cleaned the house. Actually, at this point, that is future tense. I will be cleaning the house today.

And then Spike comes home! A whole weekend together. Yay!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me. Thanks for sharing. S.R.