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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

brian and a cricket

Earlier this summer, I told you of my Kim Mitchell adventures. I had discovered some online video footage of the actual show I was at, and I posted it. And Brian Carpenter - presumably the videographer - recently left a comment, which was awfully nice. So I thought I'd send you over to his website, in part to give credit where it's due, and in part - well, because I like when new people visit my blog, and it's nice to return the favour, I think.


Now, on to the big news in our home this week. We have a cricket. And not just any old cricket, either. A gi-nor-mous-ly LOUD cricket who remains invisible, but clearly is using some of Spike's guitar gear to amplify his cricket sounds. He starts just after dinner. And he stops just before breakfast. Sometimes he pauses - just for the very briefest of moments - to giggle gleefully to himself as we stomp around the house, trying to find him, hollering at him to PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD, PUT A SOCK IN IT!!!!!

And then he starts up again.

I'm thinking of bringing in Rex. I'm not a big fan of Rex, but I bet if I let him loose, he'd find that cricket. And deal with him.

Of course, then I'd have a gecko running loose in my house....

But at least he's quiet.

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chRistine said...

Kim MItchell is at the Ex, next Wednesday evening - $5 after 5 to get in.