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Thursday, May 31, 2012

plumbing, rhyming and staving

The plumbers are coming.

Actually, they've already been, and gave us an estimate. Since we had paid off some bills with our tax return, we felt dangerously close to having a savings balance of some kind. THAT'S certainly unacceptable. So we're getting the plumbing done, staving off the savings.

"staving savings" - nice rhyming there, patti.

We're getting our main line out replaced. With a backflow valve as part of the deal, since in the old section of the city in which we live, sewer water sometimes gets confused about which direction it should be flowing. A backflow valve holds up a firm hand and says sternly, "Not in here!" It allows no arguments at all, no matter how insistent the flummoxed sewer water might be.

That's a good thing.

We're also getting our main line in replaced. It's lead. So I can't water the gardens while Spike is in the shower. We can either wash clothes OR dishes. And there's always that vague threat that lead water pipes are linked to Alzheimer's. I run the taps for two full minutes every morning before making coffee, for that very reason.

So that's a good thing too.

I already put a deposit on our credit card. It's a shame too, because if I had waited another day, it would have gone on the NEXT statement. But it cheerfully skidded onto THIS statement, which nearly gave me a heart attack when I opened the bill yesterday. The credit card company also eagerly offered an increase in our credit limit. They're concerned about staving our savings too.

I'm not sure that's a good thing.

A City guy came on Monday, to confirm that the plumbers know what they're doing. "Yep," he said. "It's a lead pipe." He came a half hour earlier than he was supposed to. You may have noticed my tweet about grabbing kitchen table laundry, and dumping it behind the bed on the way to answer the door. I'm sure he cared.

And some other dude came and sprayed lines on the lawn. I presume that's related to the upcoming plumbing in some way. If not - it's weird.

So the plumbers are coming. Next week, I think.

Stay tuned.


BanjoSue said...

No matter whether it's coming or going, water is so basic and critical to our lives, and how we function. Think of how much water you;ll save, not doingthe 2 min. flush in the morning! and how good the coffee will be.

Marken said...

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Patti said...

Dude, if you're gonna advertise, at least acknowledge my awesome rhyme. ;) I'll let you get away with it, because you're Australian, and presumably have a fantastic accent.

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Paulo McManus said...

Just the word backflow elicits technicality to me so don't tell me guys you know a little stuff about backflow repair?