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Sunday, February 24, 2013

from Running Pastor to Trucker Wife

Trucker Wife Tip of the Day:
If the name of a truck stop includes the phrase "best super stop"- it isn't.

Last week I lived in a truck.

Most of you know Spike took up flatbed trucking a couple of years ago. He's always liked driving anyway, and if someone wants to pay him for it - why not? I had a week's vacation booked - he didn't - so I packed up my jammies and toothbrush, and became a Trucker Wife for five days.

Trucker Wife is a very different identity than Pastor. For one thing, Pastors don't have to schedule pee breaks. Happily, both TW and Pastor place morning coffee as a top priority, and more happily, the rest of the world understands that. One morning I hiked a few blocks to a Starbucks through a snowstorm at dawn. Totally worth it.

I learned some things in the truck. Trucker Wife Tips, I'll call them. I'll share them with you from time to time.

This week, I'm back to work (on Tuesday). Exam on Thursday.

Maybe I'm blogging again.


proudmom said...

Not a TW and probably won't ever be (I put the probably in cuz I've learned you just never know), but I'm looking forward to the tips!

banjosue said...

your wealth of experiences continues to grow, as well as miles covered. Good for you both!!

srussell said...

I've traveled those roads also. Agreed: toilet and coffee breaks, a must for TW.