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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a big front porch

The other day, Jay Robb posted this article on Twitter.

(Did you follow that? Local guy ... on Twitter ... posted an article from another online source ... about another city.)

And then he asked ... Couldn't we do this in Hamilton?

I don't see why not.

No one's asking me, of course. I'm sure there are a gazillion reasons why NOT. But maybe the reasons aren't insurmountable. Maybe the reasons could be reasoned through. And maybe we could do something like this in our downtown.

I like the language. In one of my classes sometime in the last few years, we talked about the change from a front-porch world to a back-yard world. I like the idea of returning to a front-porch world. I have a big front porch on my house. A front porch in the core of the city would be so very excellent, I think.

If we did a front porch thing in Hamilton ... I would totally be there. Not every day. But I'd go.

Would you?

1 comment:

chRistine said...

i think more cities should do this! i've sat in Times Square's 'porch area' and loved it...