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Monday, August 06, 2012

a thirsty boy

Saturday was hot in Hamilton.

We had just pulled into our driveway after running some errands. A man and his little boy happened to be walking by the house, and stopped to chat about our new sod and garden. Complete strangers, mind you, which makes the next part funnier.

The little guy didn't care about the sod. Or the garden. Eyeing the partially-gone iced coffee in Spike's hand, he pleaded desperately, "Can I PLEASE have a drink?"

Mildly awkward and amusing at the same time. You can't give your leftover caffeinated beverage to a little guy you've never met, can you? Nor can you invite him in for a cold drink. (Mostly because we don't have any.)

Spike wasn't sure what to do, so he said, "Aw, sorry dude, but this is a LATTE, so...."

To which the little guy replied, "Well, it's a HOT DAY for me too!!!"


Anonymous said...

Should definitely be submitted to Reader's Digest - too good not to share!!!

Patti said...

OK - I did submit it to Reader's Digest.

And to all who assured me that I would get $100 for it - that's only for the Americans.

Canadians get a free subscription.

I would rather have the $100, as I have piles of unread reading materials now. But I submitted it anyway. I'll let you know how it goes.