"All words are symbols that represent unspeakable realities. Which is also why words are magical." (Donald Miller tweet)

Monday, December 10, 2012


Spike called from the road today, after I had dropped him off in the pre-dawn darkness.

"I'm in a bubble," I told him. He cautiously inquired as to the meaning of that statement.

"It means that I am not thinking about ... anything, really. And there aren't even any thoughts clamoring to be heard. It's lovely."

I read this today. It's not new. You've probably read it. Or you don't care. But I had never gotten around to it, so I ordered it recently, mostly to get free shipping on a work-related book I needed.

I concluded that the author and I might not always see eye-to-eye. Her style is a little startling on a bubble day - my eyebrows went up a few times. But I like her anyway. She's a storyteller. I think she and my most excellent sister-in-law could be friends, although I'm not sure the rest of the world could handle both of them in the same space.

I mean that as a wholehearted compliment to both.

I ate popcorn for lunch.

And napped between chapters.

Now garlic butternut squash is in the oven for dinner, it's supposed to snow tonight, and tomorrow is the beginning of a new week.

But today - today, it's all about the bubble.


Anonymous said...

Men understand all about that "bubble" of no thought. It is a great place .... thanks for leaving us hanging about the authors name ... :(

Blessings and hope you enjoyed your sguash

RH in Brantford

Ken said...

Does the bubble preclude news of the Ukraine trip? We're all in suspense out here...