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Monday, May 13, 2013

almost certainly good

It's probably good there were no available classes for this semester.

If you've been here for awhile, you know I'm in school. One course at a time. Until the end of eternity, it would appear. I can take four classes per year, because there are two semesters in the summer as well. You didn't know that, did you? True story.

But in the summer, there are far less classes to choose from. Once, I took a course I didn't need, because I didn't realize I didn't need it. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Still friends with that prof, so it was a win-win, even though the credit counted for nothing.

This year, I have registered for a class in Semester 2 this summer. But in Semester 1 there is nothing. Nada. Zip. Oh, I can TAKE any course I like. But a course that will count towards the end of this particular degree? Oh no, no, no, we aren't offering any of THOSE kinds of courses. tsk tsk tsk

I was irritated. It's sort of one more straw on the mountain of bureaucratic irritants that are the university. Clearly, I am not their target market, so I'm on my own when it comes to little things like taking required courses.

However, I was secretly relieved.

It's been a VERY busy few months, what with this change and all.

And then another unexpected change happened at that conference I mentioned last week, which will add some significant hours to my schedule as well.

And now ... well NOW ...

These two are on their way to visit!!!!

You may have heard of or seen them here. And here. And maybe here too. Her name is Tanya. She's a tiny little fireball. His name is Zhenya. He's a tall, laughing guitar-player. Over the years, I have unintentionally messed with the spelling of his name. I thought it was Jenya. Then I tried Xhenya, which someone told me made him sound like he was part of an ancient warrior dynasty. I've been told Zhenya is about right. In Russian, it's Женя. And Таня.

They work with a team of people, supporting pastors in tiny, very poor Ukrainian villages, and our church supports them as they do.

I just now found out that they will be here in a few weeks. And if I was in a two-night-a-week class while they were here, I would certainly be cutting class, or at least not paying proper attention. Also, the day after they leave, I have an all-day out-of-the-office meeting around that unexpected conference change I mentioned.

So ... it's probably good there were no classes available this summer.


Anonymous said...

It still amazes me when God does that - His timing is incredible!!

Anonymous said...

It still amazes me when God does that - His timing is incredible!!