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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

what makes a monday better

Woke up yesterday morning.

It was rainy and dreary. I was determined to make the best of it, but my determination was not so helpful as you might think.

Until I glanced out my window and saw ... kittens!

Couple of jet-black ones.

A calmer, sleepier one.

They were at that amusing stage of kitten-hood in which declaring war on a blade of grass is just about The Most Exciting Thing In The World. A little orange sibling joined in, and then fell off the porch. Twice.

Then one of the black ones realized he was kinda sleepy too.

And then this happened.

Well, THAT was a refreshing nap.

Oh, hello there. We'll just pause while you take a stunningly beautiful photo of our adorable selves.


Where did they come from? I don't know. Under the porch is my best guess.

Where's their mom? I don't know. Perhaps she went off for a well-deserved pedicure.

Did you feed them? No. Are you going to? No.

Did you keep them? *achoo!* um *sniffle* are you insane? *sneeze* Excuse me while my eyes redden and swell.


BanjoSue said...

good pics Patti, sorry that you are allergic. Glad for the entertainment on a Monday.

Pina said...

Picture PERFECT kitties - I want one!!