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Thursday, October 10, 2013

free advice

Time to deal with your cell phone plan? Don't live in a part of the world (i.e. anywhere but North America) where cell phone plans are simple and sane?

Listen to me.

I know your pain. Don't believe me? Oh honey. *shakes head sadly* Click here.

Now - I can help you.

Do not - I repeat - do NOT - ask your cell phone company for help. Or any cell phone company.

Tiptoe past their booths at the mall. Ignore their calls and promises. Run if you have to.

Wireless Wave represents them all. They will tell you the best deal. And then they will make it happen.

It may take awhile. You might have to ask them to talk slower every now and then. And you might wish they had little stools for you to sit on while THEY wait on hold with cell phone companies for 45 minutes instead of YOU.

But still.

YOU can grab a latte while you wait for them to do the work. And YOU will eventually notice that the store 10 feet away has cute little tops for $5 each. And YOU will leave happy.

Win. Win. Win.

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