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Monday, December 02, 2013


I had quite an adventure on the weekend. Spike dropped me off Saturday morning at the Toronto Island Airport, which by the way, is heaven as far as airports go.

I know leg-room is really not anything one should blog about, especially when you're housed in a small body like me, but can I just tell you - I was revelling in the leg-room on that plane. That, plus no seat mate had me a little bit giddy. Oh, the space!!! (Props to Porter - "flying refined" indeed)

Landed in Thunder Bay, where friends met me who had travelled 4 1/2 hours to get there. They took me to lunch, and we began the trek to Manitouwadge, along the shore of Lake Superior, a stunningly gorgeous drive.

They even remembered hearing about my love for a certain snack.

Bet you've never had a welcome sign like this in your room.

I was speaking in their church on Sunday morning, which was such an honour, truly. How on earth a city girl like me can find kindred spirits in a town of 2,500 people that never lock their doors is a bit of a mystery.

But that's what happened. Friendly, generous, coffee-drinking people who laugh easily. The youth all sat with me so I wouldn't feel left out of anything. Loved. That. 

As we walked back to the house (why drive, in a community where everything is within walking distance?) I snapped a couple of quick shots.

And one more of my new friends….

And they trekked me back to Thunder Bay to fly home.

Hello Toronto. You look so pretty at night.

My favourite sister-in-law picked me up, dodging backed-up traffic and taxis - welcome back to the city! She took me home, where a now-sleeping Spike had stocked up on my favourite coffee beans while I was up north.

He sooooo makes me smile.

Got up at 4 AM to take him to work.

And another week begins.

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