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Thursday, October 17, 2013


This moved me.

We bought our church building about six years ago. It was still a church before that - for almost 100 years - home to another group of people, passionate about their city and their faith.

But families had grown up and moved away. Demographics had shifted. Their congregation had gradually become reduced to a handful of senior citizens, still passionate about their city and their faith.

They wouldn't even talk to us at first. The building was not for sale. They weren't going anywhere.

But over time ... we became friends. We asked if we could build on what they had accomplished over the last century. We invited them to stay, be part of us, or continue to hold their own services in the same space.

In the end, they decided to move around the corner, to another small group that needed their help. But we are still friends. We honour the history, the people who were here before we were. A few weeks ago, they asked if perhaps they could tour the space they had been in for so long, see all the updates and renovations. Of course we said yes.

And this is what moved me. The thank you note we received in the mail.

Imagine the history. The memories. The rich heritage.

Proud - and humbled - to follow in their footsteps.

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