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Monday, January 06, 2014

22 years

Last Saturday, Spike and I had our 22nd anniversary.

(We got married when we were 15 and 12, respectively.)

(I'm kidding.)

So of course, I pulled out the photo album.

For the record, although the colour of my Dad's hair has changed, the quantity has not.

Is it just me, or does my mom look fabulous? (Hi Smitty!)

And Spike's mom - check out those legs! I mean, seriously.  (Oh, hey Mike!)

"Ok, pretend you're signing the register again so we can get a picture…try to look natural…"

I had written a letter to someone about this guy who was flirting with me a lot, and whom I thought was maybe kinda cute. I had gone to watch him play football. I didn't like football. So I used the phrase "picking my nose" in the letter - which I'd like to point out was a PRIVATE letter at the time - to describe what I did on the sidelines while watching him play football.

That letter was read at our reception for all to hear.

And this? Well this is a picture of some of the best, most enduring friends in the world. I strongly suggest you not cross them in any way. They are ferocious, powerful women. I love them.

Happy Anniversary to Spike - the Boy who still makes me laugh.

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Derick said...

WOW! This is awesome man. I love the nose picking part. haha!