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Friday, January 10, 2014


"The other evening, I looked after my parents' new baby, so that they could have a date night on their anniversary."

Seems to me like there's something wrong with that sentence, somewhere. But it's accurate. As my dad is fond of saying nonchalantly to anyone who will listen, "This is what happens when you both retire." My mom rolls her eyes and explains reasonably that this is their foster baby. 

No matter. They both adore her, and I'm suspicious she gets indulged far more than is entirely reasonable. Which seems as it should be. 

So I got to babysit the other night. She preferred to be held face down, like a football. It meant she could silently puke on the floor where my sock could unexpectedly wipe it up. Every now and then she sneezed, usually just as I was kissing her fat little cheek. She's got an impressive spray, I'll give her that. 

She might be my new favourite. Don't tell the others, ok?

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proudmom said...

Read it again. Guffawing again. :-D