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Saturday, January 25, 2014


I don't normally blog on Saturdays. People don't read blogs on Saturdays, I have learned.

But events in Ukraine aren't pausing for Saturdays.

I also don't normally worry. I am not a worrier. Usually, I sort out what I have control over, and what I don't, and proceed accordingly.

I have no control at all over events in Ukraine.
Yet, as you know, Ukraine stole my heart in 1999.
I'm finding it difficult to "proceed accordingly".

As events unfold, and I scour the web for news of those events from the safety of the other side of the world, I pray. And worry. And watch. And pray.

Asking my God to bring good government, justice, safety, peaceful resolution. Generations of Ukrainians have suffered under and fought various forms of oppression. Please not another one.

Each time I land at the Kyiv airport,
I smile and whisper, "I'm home."

May God pour life and light and help into my favourite place in the world.


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