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Thursday, January 30, 2014


This afternoon, I drove through an area of Toronto that we used to live in. I was startled to realize it had been at least 17 years since we lived in that part of the city. We rented a condo there - I remember thinking it was the first place we had lived where everything "fit". No make-do curtains that weren't quite the right size; no chest freezer in the bedroom. Nothing needed repairs.

It had a great view too, although it turned out that the pollution at the 12th floor level, within spitting distance of the airport, could reduce me to a sneezing, coughing pile of goo within seconds. The balcony was, sadly, off-limits for me.

Once we lived in a place that had a hot-tub AND a wood stove in the living room. And a giant back yard with a giant deck and a clothesline. We only lived there for 8 months though, none of them summer months.

Our first 9 months together, we lived in a place with TWO bedrooms and the cheapest rent in town. I thought we had scored a deal. Bugs, hall fires and screaming neighbours clarified the reason for the low rent.

When I was a kid, we lived in one house that had a big bricked-in bar and a winepress in the basement; rather wasted on a non-drinking household. The bar had a giant built-in radio that never picked up a signal, though I tried repeatedly. There was a secret room off the bathroom down there that I turned into a tiny clubhouse.

Er, that implies there was a club. Let's call it "where I went to withdraw".

At any rate,  I thought it was the coolest basement ever, and proudly gave tours to anyone who would let me.

My family lived for a very short time in a tiny cottage when we thought we were moving, and then we weren't, but the house was already sold…. Let's call that an adventure, shall we?

And one summer I lived in Alaska, with 32 other teenagers. That's when I learned that I snore if I'm cold.

*runs out of things to say*

*quietly publishes post*

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