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Monday, February 03, 2014


The truth is - I really love the Olympics. I'm not a rabid fan, but I do get caught up in the excitement, especially when Canada (or Ukraine, what can I say) has a chance at the podium.

The other truth is, I'm not much of a protester. I try to make thoughtful choices. If I boycott something, I do it quietly. I prefer to talk about what I "do" rather than what I "don't do". And I don't try to strong-arm anyone into joining me.

All that being said … I think I've made a decision. It's just for me, really; I'm not suggesting anyone else should join me.

There's this - a guy who lost his home due to the Sochi Olympics.

There are other stories of migrant labourers being abused as they build the venues.

There are the many human rights concerns throughout the nation.

And there's the powerful influence of Russia that contributes to the unrest and protests in Ukraine, which is of course, a nation that I deeply love.

For all those reasons … I think I'm not going to watch the Olympics this year. My choice will affect no one but me, likely. Ironically enough, Spike made a pact with a stranger on a train to watch the Olympics in 2014.

I genuinely wish all the athletes the best of luck, especially the Canadian ones.

But I feel like if I watch the whole thing, I'm doing it on the backs of suffering people.

And this year - I just can't quite get past that.

Go Canada!


elizainkorea said...

Wow powerful...I ve been shelter by so much..not knowing any of this stuff while living in Korea. However I especially came home during this time to watch the Olympics in English so I be a couch potato for two weeks.

Patti said...

hey eliza! enjoy your couch potato-ness :)