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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

snow day

They said there was going to be a storm. Plus there was a water heater guy coming "between 10 and 2". And then my 3:00 appointment got rescheduled to a day without storms.

So I worked from home today.

And by worked, I mean shovelled at 6 AM and cleaned off the car.

Had coffee, breakfast, checked emails, listened to some online stuff, texted Spike.

Shovelled at 9 AM.

Planned a Board meeting, talked to Spike, worked out 872 small work-related details, ate some cookies.

Shovelled at 12:30 PM. Shovelled a girl out whose car was stuck. Other neighbours poured out of their houses to help push her car the entire length of the street.

She's from Grimsby, and gazed in wonder at our unplowed domain.
"Don't you guys call to complain?"
I shrugged.
"They don't plow this street until at least a day later, sometimes two. Maybe March."

By the time that was all done, my sidewalk and driveway were filling in again, so I shovelled again.

Water heater guy came, made some adjustments, left. I ate lunch, made coffee, ate some more cookies, planned a wedding, planned a worship team practice, texted Spike some more.

He didn't answer. He was in a storm too.
He phoned later to explain that although he and his truck
had made it through the storm to their destination,
no one else had, and so there was no one to unload the truck.
He was super-pleased about that.

And then a miracle happened. 

A plow went by! Twice!!! And it hadn't even quite finished snowing yet!!! On our little North End street!!!!

It was a snow day miracle.

When I went back out at 6 PM to shovel once more, I discovered my neighbours had already cleared the pile that the plow had left at the foot of my driveway. Have I mentioned that I love my neighbours? I cleared the sidewalks, the driveway and the car one more time. Wiped out, mid-task.

This evening - a little more work. Dinner. School work.

And then to sleep. Which I expect will come even easier than usual tonight.

Hopefully I manage to get into bed before that happens.

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