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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

eating, strolling, eating

Monday was a tough day. (No it wasn't.)

We all slept in ridiculously. Then Spike ran across the street to the bakery and brought just-baked breakfast back for all of us. 

Went outside for a stroll.

And a Greek lunch. 

Back to the apartment, where we rested from our (not) energetic activities thus far in the day.

And then out for dinner. There was some strolling to get there, mostly because we tried several directions before we found the restaurant that had been recommended to us. 

It was a Jewish restaurant. Before the meal, water was brought to pour over our hands (oldest man first). A history of Jewish people in Lviv was provided with the menu - "a few things we would like you to know".

After the meal, instead of a bill, the waiter asked what we were willing to pay. 

Ed was the designated negotiator, with translation by Natasha.

He explained that the food wasn't very tasty (clearly a lie, since our plates were practically licked clean) - the waiter politely scoffed.

Ed informed him that he was a rabbi - the waiter invited him to prove it (and burst out laughing when Spike came out with a Hebrew phrase). 

Ed even pointed out Spike's missing teeth - the waiter generously offered to recommend a dentist at a discount.

In the end, he reluctantly took our final offer to ask his aunt; apparently she felt it was acceptable. 

And then we went for more chocolate. 

Strolled back. And rested from our very (not) taxing day. 

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