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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

not a food blog

Today - early lunch was a salad with prosciutto, pear slices and Gorgonzola cheese, drizzled with the sweetest, richest balsamic you could imagine. Paired with "cappuccino verde" - start with the idea of cream of spinach and zucchini soup, but not the least bit thick. Frothy and light. Like liquid mousse. With an intense and buttery flavour that I am still intentionally recalling to mind. Served in a swirly cappuccino cup. At a PIZZA place!

Late afternoon snack - cheese strudel with vanilla sauce and Viennese coffee, outside on a cobblestoned street.

Dinner was assorted canapés, followed by pork stuffed with wild mushrooms. 

And lest you wonder - that was AFTER we bypassed three restaurants because they were too pricey. We've basically been eating each of these incredible meals at $20-$25 USD - for all four of us. Total. 

Strolled home by the light of the moon. 

Ah, Ukraine, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways....

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old_black said...

I'm impressed! I'm a very long way from Ukraine (geographically, socially, psychologically, etc), but I would expect dour, dull, uninspiring dishes with lots of cabbage :-)
So cheap too, that's amazing!!!