"All words are symbols that represent unspeakable realities. Which is also why words are magical." (Donald Miller tweet)

Friday, May 30, 2014


Wednesday afternoon.

Had a potential tenant coming through the building. She's SUPER nice. She leads a GREAT group of people. And she liked the shoes I was wearing. 

"Oh," I said. "You like shoes? I'll show you SHOES."

And I did. Had those puppies in my office, and I showed them off proudly. She loved them. (Who wouldn't?)


A little later, touring her and an insurance agent through the premises, we met up with the cleaning crew who does our building once a month. This is a fantastic group of adults, with developmental challenges, and their supervisors. I made introductions and we carried on. Through the building, out into the parking lot, where a vaguely-familiar looking man got out of his car and said VERY joyfully and VERY enthusiastically - "Excuse me - I don't normally do this - but I just need to tell you - those are GREAT PANTS!"

And my potential tenant - who assumed, naturally, that I knew this person well - just as joyfully hollered to him, "You should see her SHOES! Not the ones she's wearing - the ones in her office!"


Half an hour later, tenant is gone, I'm just starting next appointment, and I hear some unusual noises in the hall. In comes the dude who complimented my pants, and with a big smile, he announces - "I've come to see the shoes."

Person with whom I had appointment has no context for this at all, and simply bursts out laughing at yet another display of the unique goings-on of Crossfire. 

"Actually," he continued, "we ALL want to see them!"

And in troops the whole cleaning crew, staff and clients alike. Turns out he's one of the supervisors, which is why he looked familiar. 

I brought out the shoes. Everyone passed them around, admiring them. Person with whom I had appointment just kept on laughing. 

And then we all carried on with our respective days. I'm still chuckling.


For the record, I suspect time will show that this was the day that the legend of Patti and her shoes really took root in the history of Crossfire. 


Meaghan Beattie said...

Lol. Still laughing as well. :)

old_black said...

OK, I don't know you at all....but I've been reading this blog for a while and I see you as a doing person - someone who is always on the go making things happen. I just can't reconcile that image with the shoes and my thought that the wearer of those shoes couldn't really do much at all except sit around and look glamorous!

Patti said...

Lol old black - thanks for the compliment - I AM a "doing" person, for real. But the shoes are kinda fun - and I still "do" in them - just not at top speed. But the truth is, the stories of me and my shoes are becoming a little larger than life. ;-)