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Thursday, May 29, 2014

i am never, ever wrong. except when i am.

"It's possible that I am wrong."

I put that up on Facebook yesterday, just to see if it would get a response.

I was just thinking over the constant disagreements that happen in various contexts. How firmly we all get entrenched in our point of view. The constant threads of outrage, especially on social media.

No, I'm not talking about you.
It's not about one in particular.
It's about all of it.

And I wondered, what if - every now and then - one of us simply said, "You know - it's possible that I am wrong."

And just ended there.

Without pointing out how generous and mature it is of me to say so.
Without explaining why I'm probably right.
Even though I still think I'm right.
And even though it might be something that matters to me.

Surely EVERYTHING I think I'm right about
isn't worth unending argument and outrage ...
... is it?

My very excellent sister-in-law says that when you're in a disagreement with someone (which always involves adding your own filter or interpretation or motive to what they are saying) try inserting the word "or".

As in ... "Wow, this person ... is so narrow-minded ... thinks I'm an idiot ... is out to get me ... doesn't respect me ... is attempting to implement a hostile takeover of the world ..."

"... or ..."

Just throwing that word in suggests that I might be wrong in my perception of what is happening here. There might be *gasp* another perspective.

"Wow, this person is so narrow-minded ... or ... this issue matters to them more than I realize because of their own life experience of which I am unaware."

"Wow, this person thinks I'm an idiot ... or ... they gave me that information just to clarify where they were coming from, not because they thought I was dumb."

"Wow, this person is out to get me ... or ... they're not. It didn't even cross their mind."

"Wow, this person doesn't respect me ... or ... they just have a different take on it, which they actually did think through."

"Wow this person is attempting to implement a hostile takeover of the world ... or ... they AREN'T Vladimir Putin."

Oh, that last one was just for me. ;)

So aaaaanyway.

It's definitely possible that I am wrong.

*whisper voice* It's possible that you are too.


BanjoSue said...

As I often remind myself, no matter how thin you slice the baloney, there are always two sides!

Journeys of The Zoo said...

Well you're clearly not talking to me because "once I thought that I was wrong but it turns out that I was right". Glad that we got that sorted out.

Besos, Sarah
Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

Sheepdog said...

Patti, I keep telling you... You're RIGHT. But if it prevents trouble I will keep that a secret.

Patti said...

Hi Sarah - welcome to my blog! Thanks for commenting - makes me feel less ignored. ;)