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Sunday, May 11, 2014

shoes I did not buy in Lviv

(Wishing a Happy Mothers Day to my mom, who gave me my love of beautiful shoes.)

If I lived in Ukraine, I would have a shoe problem. 

This first one, I did try on, and felt a little like Cinderella's ugly stepsister when I couldn't jam my giant foot into it. That's Italian leather, baby. 

Even in my imagination, I can't walk in these. Especially in the cobblestoned streets of Lviv. 

A skull and chain, paired with polka dots and bows. Spike was enthralled. 

Glass insets, just to set this gorgeous shoe apart from the other gorgeous shoes. 

I would have tried this one on, had the store been open. Tiny beadwork, delicate lace inset, and a very cute buckle. 

Bejewelled shoe-under-glass. 


proudmom said...

Oh. Oh my. Oh my, indeed. First, fifth and sixth pair would be mighty fine, mighty fine.

BanjoSue said...

can easily see you in the second last ones.......