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Friday, May 23, 2014

the Spike and Ed show

The one in the hat is mine. 

They look like they're doing some Saturday afternoon cable tv show. 

"Ed and I are here at the Lviv Strudel Haus, listening to Chopin and enjoying the fine atmosphere." 

"And your hat. That's a great hat, Jeff."

"Well you know Ed, I do sunburn easily, hehe, but a rocker needs a GOOD hat, not just any hat. Awfully nice of you to notice."

"Let's ask our studio audience what they think. Would you guys like to see Jeff wear a hat like this every day? Maybe we should ALL get hats!"

"Oh, you guys, you're too kind. You know, Ed, it reminds me of the time when Putin said to me, he says...."

"Jeff, my smile is stuck. Go to commercial. Seriously. I might need you to call someone." 

"No need to panic, Ed, just sit tight. ... We'll be right back, after these messages. Don't touch that remote!" 

Cue the flute and acoustic guitar audio outro.

And... scene.

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1 comment:

BanjoSue said...

Would be in serious trouble with Sun and eve problems without an excellent hat. Actually saw two different folks wearing dark Tilley hats this week and smiled knowingly.