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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

at the playground

Monday this week was different from most Mondays. Most Mondays I'm off. I do school work at home. I may or may not interact with anyone. Or put makeup on.

But this Monday was different. I had pastoral duties to do, so I spent the afternoon in pastoral-looking clothes, complete with solemn pastoral heels and a black dress jacket, doing what I could to bring comfort where it was needed. From there, I went to City Hall to sign the book of condolences for Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. So ... a rather more sombre afternoon than most Mondays are.

And then this happened.

Oh ... well, what HAPPENED was, last January I learned we had some funding to hire a part-time Assistant Pastor. So I looked and I looked and I looked, o'er hill and dale.

And then last June, an intern came, for a few weeks. She was fantastic. A perfect fit. We snapped her up.

So in September, she moved here. And brought THIS guy with her.

He's pretty great too. He's my new favourite six-year-old. We shared some stale two-bite brownies one day and became firm friends.

He and I got to hang out for a few hours Monday evening, unexpectedly. But as I said, I was in solemn, pastoral clothes. Heels, long black jacket.

He didn't see that as a problem at all.

"Pastor PATTI, come and GET me!!!"

So if you saw an oddly dignified-looking pastoral-type female in heels racing around a woodchip playground and swinging off monkey bars Monday night - tag - you're it.

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