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Monday, October 27, 2014

i've never asked before

OK, here's the thing.

You know I love Ukraine, right? Like unreasonably-bananas-head-over-heels for this nation and its people?

You know this has been a brutal year for Ukraine, right? Invasion of their borders by Russia, for one thing. Countless people fleeing from the east to the centre and the west.

And now ... winter is beginning. Winter there is every bit as cold as it is here. Heat is questionable (dependent on gas, which is at least partially dependent on Russia - that can't go well); food is expensive. Refugees have nothing.

Ed Dickson has been a good, personal friend of mine for ... oh ... 15 years. He is genuinely one of the people I trust most in the world. He helps orphans and widows and seniors and the very poor in Ukraine. And now... well I'll let you see what he posted on Friday. That's him, on the left.

"I have been in Ukraine, helping orphan children and special needs people, for 18 years. I have never sent out a 'warning' before, but I am sending one today.

We all need to do everything we can right now to ensure that the situation here doesn't turn into a horrible disaster.

We found Natalia (pictured with me) unconscious in a cold room because of lack of food and desperately needed medicine. She fled eastern Ukraine with nothing and now has less. She's one in a million.

I don't want to sound like the negative missionary, you know me, I'm extremely thankful that we are here right now and have already been able to help hundreds of families and children! But this is serious. And WOW winter is settling in with watery-eyed blast today.

Thank you for whispering an extra prayer for the people of Ukraine today and for continuing to believe in miracles with me."

So here's what I want you to know. 

  • Ed will be speaking at my church on November 9.
  • We will be taking a special offering to send back with him, to help hungry, cold people there. 
  • He helps without discrimination and with the highest of integrity.
  • Every dollar given goes to the need - no admin fees.
  • My church will give you a charitable receipt at the end of the year for your income tax.

I don't think I've ever asked before in this space. But I would welcome any help you would like to give. My extended family is together giving to this specific need by foregoing Christmas gifts to each other (the adults) this year.

If you would like to come on November 9 - please do. If you can't, but would like to help - contact me.  "patti [dot] crossfire [at] cogeco [dot] net"

And thanks for letting me ask.

Don't get all awkward on me now, OK?

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