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Friday, December 12, 2014

honesty on Outrage-Free Friday

Well - it's Outrage-Free Friday.

Um ... one of our friends has been dealing with significant health challenges after being rear-ended on the highway by someone who didn't even slow down ... so almost all of this week has been spent at hospitals or on the phone with various members of the very slow-moving bureaucracy of our health care / legal / insurance system. Frustrating barely begins to describe it. Some of you know what that's like, I know.

Thankful that there is a health care system at all.

Thankful that each person I talked to was responsive and kind,
even if they couldn't be entirely helpful.

Thankful that a few of them looked me right in the eye and said, 
"She's very fortunate to have you and your church supporting her." 

The next time you hear someone bashing religion,
maybe pause to mention to them
how much money is saved by the government,
how much is added to the fabric of a community,
when faith groups step into the gap.

One evening this week, I came home to discover our door ... our outside door ... ripped from its frame and lying on the kitchen floor.

Thankful for a street with several neighbours
on whose door I can knock late at night.
We have great neighbours.

Thankful for police who come in a timely manner,
who are honest about the low odds of catching the person,
but are compassionate and kind.

Thankful for parents who live in the city,
for a Dad who comes down to nail a door shut,
and a Mom who says, "I have extra supper ... come on over."

Thankful for social media,
through which friends can say,
"Hey - you ok? Praying for ya."

Super thankful for Spike - aka Trucker-Boy - 
who talks me through weeks like this,
reminds me of what's good,
encourages me to keep going,
even while he navigates snowstorms and break-downs.

I was invited several weeks ago to attend an event hosted by this group yesterday, to hear this speaker. Considered asking to be excused from the event, halfway through this week.

Thankful I didn't. It was excellent. I'm glad I was there.

Did you know that (based on Revenue Canada numbers),
people who practice their faith regularly
(i.e. attend their faith group once a week or more)
are engaged in philanthropy
at approximately three times the rate of people who don't?  

So ... onward. Not sure today will be entirely outrage-free ... but I'll do my best.

You with me?


Denise said...

I am so with you!

old_black said...

Oh what a lousy day. Did you have much stolen from your house? I'm hoping the answer is "No, just a little bit of loose cash" or something like that. When this sort of incident happens to me I feel very vulnerable. I can imagine how you would be feeling.

As to the question of NGO support filling the gaps left by government - that seems to be increasingly happening here in Australia. The government relies more on the non-government sector and a lot of the non-government sector relies on volunteers. Our communities are very fortunate to have volunteers doing so much to hold the community together.

Patti said...

old black - it looks like just a single sapphire ring that spike gave me for an anniversary gift one year. And a footprint on the bed because apparently it was too much effort to walk AROUND the bed to the closet on the other side. Grrr.

I'm currently studying for my final exam in Contemporary Theory (Sociology); several theorists would suggest that the reason there are increasing gaps is due to neoliberal policies and practices. Ha :) Look at me, tying together my school and my work!

old_black said...

Well, spike can now turn this unfortunate incident into an opportunity next anniversary!