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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

christmas chaos and cheer

For the next week, I'm flat-out running. It's Christmas. It's final exam time. It's chaos.

One of my friends is undergoing some cognitive testing,
among other things,
after a car accident a few weeks ago.

Someone ever-so-cutely suggested
that perhaps I needed some cognitive testing too.

Listen, if it'll get me someone
to wash the dishes at my house,
I'll take it.

I just sent a long email to my awesome assistant pastor, in her response to, "Hey - what can I do to help with Crossfire Christmas Chaos?" And then sent a shorter - but still longish - email to my very excellent mom, in response to HER, "Hey - what can I do to help you host the family at Christmas?"

Dear God, thank you for moms and assistants.

Anyway - most of the time, I just chat meaninglessly here. But - if you're local to me - you're welcome at any of our Christmas events. They're all free, except for this Sunday evening's show with the terribly fabulous Jeanine Noyes. That's $15 a ticket, and I assure you - worth every nickel.

Here are the details of all of it.

Crossfire is at 458 King Street West, in Hamilton, Ontario.
Between Pearl and Locke. 
In Canada. We're in Canada.

Free parking onsite.
Because we're just that good.

Gotta run!

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